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Aristotle said "Well begun is half done." If you need to file a bankruptcy, you can think about it, read about it, and talk about it. But nothing is really accomplished unless you actually begin.  I often hear "I don't know where to start." When you are under the kind of stress that financial trouble can bring, saying and feeling that is normal. 

We live in a high tech world, but in my opinion the best way to get started is still to pick up the phone and call me.  952-544-6356.  If you get my machine, know that I WILL call you back. 

In what could only be fifteen minutes, but more likely would be half an hour, I can do a screening on the phone in which I could give you a good idea of whether you qualify for a bankruptcy and what kind of bankruptcy that would be.  Recently a person asked in an email what sorts of questions I would be asking in that phone screening.  I replied as follows:

Here is some of  what I would typically be asking you:

Are you single or married?


How many people are in your household?  And what kind of people are they - children, roommate, partner, relatives, ages, employment, incomes?


Assuming you are employed, what is your annual gross income?


What has your gross income been over the past six months.


If you are married, what is your spouse's gross annual income, and what has that gross income been been over the past six months.


Have you filed your tax returns for the past three years?


Do you own your home?


If so,  is there any equity in your home?


Tell me about your mortgages if any.


Tell me about your car loan or loans if any.


Tell me about your student loans.


Do you owe any tax debts?  If so, tell me all about them.


Tell me about the rest of your debt.


Tell me about your credit accounts where you have used credit in an amount in excess of $2,000 in the last six months.


Tell me about your credit accounts where you have used credit in an amount in excess of $600 in the past 90 days.


Do you owe money to relatives?  If so, what repayment of debt to relatives have you made in the past year?


Have you ever established a trust of any kind?


Are you the beneficiary of someone else's trust?


Are you expecting an inheritance?


The trouble with the foregoing questions is that much of it may be unimportant or not applicable while other things may branch into further questions once we get going.  So I never can tell for sure exactly what I will be asking until we start. 

Most of the time there are things you will not be able to answer right now.  That's not a reason to delay calling me.  Nobody can answer all this stuff all at once.  At least most people can't.  The phone call is just a start.  Sometimes it takes me six weeks or so to put one of these cases together, and part of the reason it takes to long is that certain items of info take a while to get.